Learn the Lymph Node Locations

There are a lot of reasons why one might like to learn the lymph node locations. Of course, doctors and those who study medicine should all be familiar with lymph node locations. However, there are times when knowing lymph node locations are helpful to those who do not practice in the medical field. People need to know lymph node locations in order to better monitor their health on their own.

Going to a doctor can be expensive and at times very inconvenient. Therefore some only visit a doctor when the case is serious. Nevertheless, there are many conditions involving the lymph nodes that require the lymph nodes to be monitored. Many diseases of the lymph nodes are completely curable if caught early. So if you do not already know about lymph node locations, then it is time to learn. There are hundreds of lymph nodes that can be found throughout the body. In fact the body has approximately 600 lymph nodes in various places. The majority oflymph node locations prevent the lymph nodes from being detected by touch. This is because many lymph node locations are situated behind bones and deep within tissues. However, many lymph nodes are in places that can be felt. In these places the lymph nodes are in clusters and are much easier to be monitored. Most people are familiar with the lymph node locations of the neck, underarm, and groin area, but there are many other lymph node locations that are not as well known. There are many lymph node locations in the head area. This includes the head, neck, and shoulders. As a matter of fact, there are six different types lymph nodes that can be found in this area. There are anterior cervical lymph nodes, posterior cervical lymph nodes, tonsillar lymph nodes, submandibular lymph nodes, submental lymph nodes, and supraclavicular lymph nodes. However, there are not all found mixed in together. Many lymph node locations serve to give the lymph nodes in that area their name The tonsillar lymph nodes are located under the chin and are responsible for draining the tonsils. The anterior cervical lymph nodes are found deep within the neck tissue while posterior cervical lymph nodes form a line to the back of the neck. It is this type of lymph nodes that doctors usually check when a patent complains of a throat infection. Then there is the submandibular lymph node. These run from the bottom of the jaw to both sides of it. The sub-mental lymph nodes are below the chin. Lastly, the supraclavicular lymph nodes can be found in the hollow area of the collar. There are two categories of lymph nodes that are found in the arm; supratrocheal lymph nodes and deltoideopectorial lymph nodes. In the lower limbs can be found the inguinal lymph nodes. All of the different lymph nodes have their very own function. Usually they work to drain nearby glands and areas. As part of the immune system, the function of the lymph glands helps to put a stopper in sickness and disease.